The core business of Montimage is developing tools for testing and monitoring networks, applications and services; in particular, for the verification of functional, performance (QoS/QoE) and security aspects; and, for improving context awareness and end-user trust.

Our Team:

Montimage has a team of multidisciplinary talents specialized in the design and development of complex systems. We are engaged to deliver lasting solutions that reveal business and market insight and span multiple technologies and platforms.

Our Motto:

We believe that every client is unique. Our monitoring methodology and tools adapt to each client’s business needs to bring customized solutions that meet their expectations. Montimage's expertise selects the best technology and tools and finds ways to optimize and secure the client’s networks and businesses. In this way, Montimage assists its clients in developing their projects and controlling the complete development process of complex information systems.

Montimage strongly relies on innovation to bring the best technology to our customers and projects. As it is the cornerstone for a global Quality Assurance, we consolidated the monitoring process by enabling its full personalization and easy deployment. In this way, we can obtain a high level of reliability and security while reducing the cost in time and efforts.

Our commitment:

Effectiveness: We are committed to entrust your projects to talented engineers empowered to intervene to answer your business requirements in a timely manner, always attentive to your expectations.
Reliability and quality: With more than 14 years of experience, Montimage has created a team of professionals ready to answer your needs in consultancy and development, particularly in the network, security and monitoring fields. Today's structure allows participating in several market segments, guaranteeing high quality services to ensure the reliability of your products and telecommunication networks. A satisfaction survey validates that all the expectations are met.
Security: In order to prevent risks and strengthen our actions, the confidentiality of our trade, the reliability of our services, we maintain constant vigilance and innovation effort.
Sustainable Development: We integrate our research and development principles that take into account environmental, economic resources, respect of humans and nature.
Gender Equality Plan commitment: We are committed to follow the Gender Equality Plan as defined in this document.

Edgardo Montes de Oca


Ana Rosa Cavalli

Research Director

Wissam Mallouli

Technical Director

Huu-Nghia Nguyen

R&D Engineer

Van Luong Nguyen

R&D Engineer

Vinh Hoa La

R&D Engineer

Manh Dung Nguyen

R&D Engineer

We use our expertise to deliver better products and services for our customers.

Montimage products portfolio consists of best-in-class network security technology. We are constantly developing and improving our products. Our team is always here in order to implement innovation to stay ahead of the malicious intents. We are dedicated to developing sustainable solutions:
We bring you the fruits of our advanced research in network security.
We make your networks safe and easy to use.
Powerful tools at affordable prices.

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Advanced Persistent Threats
Cyber range
Artificial Intelligence
5G Security