Montimage in EUROPEAN CYBER WEEK 2021

Published: 19 November 2021
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The European Cyber Week (ECW) 2021 was held from 16 to 18 November 2021 in Rennes - France by the Cyber Excellence Cluster and its 70 partners, including Montimage. The event attracted more than 3700 attendees from 14 countries. It was truly a pleasure meeting a large audience of cybersecurity specialists (company directors, researchers, institutions, investors and students) and discussing different aspects of security-related themes (training, research and innovation, economic and industrial development, recruitment). Montimage took advantage of this event to present the ongoing cyber-security projects, namely INSPIRE-5G+, SANCUS, VeriDevOps, GEIGER, and SPATIAL.


PRECINCT Kickoff Meeting

Published: 7 October 2021
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Montimage participated in the kickoff meeting of H2020 PRECINCT which was organised virtually due to the COVID-19 situation. The PRECINCT consortium comprises 40 partners and ensures the capabilities of developing, implementing, disseminating and exploiting the project results. An main pillar in the consortium are the CI operators, First Responders and the National Authorities (17 in total), who collectively represent a large cohort of principal Critical Infrastructure across Europe.


The KO meeting was held over two days (5 and 6 October 2021) and we have achieved all the pre-defined objectives:
• Meet all partners and kick off the project
• Ensure clear and shared Project Vision, Technical Approach and Innovation Focus Areas
• Summarise and communicate the work package goals, short medium and longer term plans, roles, ambition and risks
• Summarise and communicate the Living Lab user stories, short medium and longer term plans, roles, ambition and risks
• Share the Project Management, reporting and financial processes
• Highlight the Ethical and and Security aspects of the project and how these will be managed
• Clarify the deadlines and Milestones first 6 months
• Clarify and agree the working Strategy and expected Technical Achievements for first 6 months

Montimage participated in SPATIAL Kickoff Meeting

Published: 30 September 2021
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As a participant in the project, Montimage participated virtually in the kickoff meeting of H2020 SPATIAL which was organised in Delft, the Netherlands. All 12 consortium partners attended the kick-off meeting with a total of 40 participants who were present on-line (though a Zoom connection) or on-site on 29th September 2021 in the Pulse Building on the TUD campus in Delft, the Netherlands.


At the SPATIAL kick-off meeting, representatives of all partner institutions discussed upcoming challenges and made concrete decisions. First decisions concerning steps forward were made, specifically regarding upcoming deliverables, future meetings and communication and coordination. We have gained a better understanding of the aims and tasks within the project. Through this hybrid meeting, all participants were able to discuss and reflect on concrete tasks. The upcoming deliverables were clarified. Agreements on actions points were also made and reviewing plan for deliverables were agreed. Consortium partners will share files and drafts of deliverables in EMDESK. Corresponding work package leaders agreed to organize monthly meetings via the video conference tool Zoom, given the pandemic uncertainties. Most importantly, the SPATIAL partners got to know each other, learned about each other’s expertise and agreed on how to make this project a success.

ENACT praised by the European Commission

Published: 06 September 2021
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H2020-ENACT project which was ended in March 2021 has been praised by the European Commission in a SUCCESS STORY publication on 06 September 2021. Montimage is proud to be a member of the project's consortium, as well as the leader of two tasks regarding the Root-cause Analysis (RCA) and Test & Simulation (TaS) enablers. These both two tools are being extended and adapted in several other European projects dealing with different contexts, namely INSPIRE-5GPLUS (5G Mobile networks), SANCUS, VeriDevOps (security, big data, AI/ML) and PRECINCT ( 4G/5G/IoT) as well as to become an important tool in the ecosystem of Montimage to be commercialized together within the MMT-Box.


Launched in January 2018 and receiving around €5 million in EU funding, the ENACT consortium investigated the main challenges preventing the adoption of DevOps for trustworthy smart IoT systems and developed new techniques in order to address such challenges. The main result is the ENACT DevOps framework for such systems, comprising 10 loosely coupled open-source software tools, the ENACT enablers, facilitating IoT application providers in development, operation, and quality assurance of secure IoT systems.